For us, you are the most important thing.

Your security and tranquility above all

Your security and tranquility at this time is the most important thing for us. That is why we have adapted and reinforced our entire working system to the current situation.

Hotel San Miguel is a quiet, small and familiar place, therefore without crowds, it offers you maximum security and allows you to maintain a responsible social distance with the rest of the guests staying.

We want you to feel at home above all comfortable and make the most of your stay with us.

This year more than ever, we take care of you!.

Measures against the Covid-19

CLEANING: Hygienic safety guarantee

  • Extensive cleaning and reinforcement control in carrying out the same with specific products determined by the UNE.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel dispenser in the entrance / common areas / dining area also disinfecting mat to clean your shoes.
  • Disinfecting each room with ozone for the new client’s use.
  • Ventilation of the rooms, at the exit of the guests, complying with the established protocol.
  • Elimination of informative brochures, unless the client requests it.
  • The information will be digitized and will be available to the client through a QR code that can be found at the hotel for the client’s breakfast.
  • Periodic review of the air conditioning system.
  • For added security, we have removed additional textile elements.

If you wish, you can request extra pillows or blankets upon arrival or during your stay, these will be delivered sanitized and package

CLEANING OUTSIDE AREAS: We reinforce the measures

  • We expanded the number of cleanings in common areas, we will increase the frequency of cleaning and repairs, especially in the areas of greatest contact (surfaces, knobs, sinks, taps, reception desk, doors, room keys, telephones, remote controls , toilet flush button, dryer, railings, terrace furniture, etc.
  • In the terrace area following the established social distancing protocol, it is mandatory to put a towel before lying down.

CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE STAFF: Your safety, our safety.

  • After cleaning the room that we have assigned you, the staff will not enter it unless it is necessary, so we guarantee maximum hygiene and safety measures.
  • All cleaning and maintenance personnel will be endowed with approved protection material to carry out the service. Always complying with the established protocol and maintaining the professional / client safety distance.
  • To help us maintain the maximum disinfection possible, we ask our guests to take off their shoes before entering the room.

RECEPTION AND CUSTOMER SERVICE: Communication efficiently

  • The person in charge of receiving you will maintain safety distances and will do so with a mask
  • We will comply with safety interpersonal distances.
  • You will have, as a customer, a disinfectant solution in different common areas of the hotel, from the same entrance.
  • You will find disinfectant wipes in your courtesy room, in case you need a mask and gel in individual and sanitized containers, we have them at an extra cost.
  • The keys to the rooms will always be deposited in a container with disinfectant at the end of the stay.
  • To guarantee safety and hygiene, payment will be made by bank transfer or card.
  • It would be better to send you the invoice by email, unless you need it on paper we can deliver it to you.


  • As a health security standard, we are forced to eliminate extra services, such as personal laundry for customers.
  • We will maintain all preventive measures, information, social distancing and use of masks.
  • The rooms will be a little more austere, since many decorative elements, we will not be able to leave them in them. Perhaps also in common areas made of less some decorative detail.
  • To be able to clean your room in a safe way, you should try to leave it as collected as possible, in order to be able to carry out the most hygienic cleaning possible.
  • We ask for a little patience as we will organize breakfast times for your safety


  • We must avoid paying in cash, and we ask you to pay for your stay by credit card or any other digital application. We will always take care of the cleaning of the dataphone after each use.
  • Your invoice will be mailed to you unless you require it on paper.
  • We will say goodbye a little differently, since there will be neither kisses nor hugs. 🙂


This contingency plan may be modified depending on the regulations that arise in the course of the state of alarm and the different phases of de-escalation.

We appreciate your trust and wish you have a fantastic vacation!