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Dear Customer

Thank you for staying at the hotel "SAN MIGUEL", we will do our best to make your hotel stay enjoyable.
Since being placed in the center of Mahon have problems accessing the hotel by car, therefore we send this little map to help you find it and accessible without any problems.
Nearby you can have free parking "SA DES SINIA CUC" which is supervised and open all day.
Driving directions by car to San Miguel Hotel
Departure from the airport:

1. When leaving the airport go south on St. Clement Road until you reach a roundabout.

2. When you reach the roundabout, turn right towards St. Clement Road ME-12
Going around the circle of Mahon. (Markets, Bini Preu, day Lidel etc) until you reach a roundabout with pedestrian bridges above (to the right school La Salle).

3. When in this roundabout, turn right, following all of the Mediterranean Avenue. From here it is very important that you consider moving
4 roundabouts. In the fourth rotating direction you have to enter "Street of the Verge
Of Grace. "
4. Take the second street (turn right) towards San Manuel Street, go straight until you reach a stop sign, go straight and the first street turn left, which is the "Street of the Infanta." or if you take the second best "Campament Street" for parking
Leave your car and walked out San Fernando Street which connects to the trade.

5. If you want to go through the front of the hotel take the Calle de la Infanta go straight and turn right which is already the "street trade".

Parking Sinia des Cuc, leave the car here, goes out the Queen, followed by San Fernando Street and turn left to reach the hotel (Trade Street)

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Calle Comercio, 26
07702 Mahón - Menorca
Tel. (+34) 971 364 059
Fax. (+34) 971 351 345
Email: info@hotelsanmiguelmenorca.com

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